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I started my first independent business at age 29, a small baby retail store. My retail store is still serving many parents to date. In 2016, I co-founded an antenatal clinic that was born out of my own experience with pregnancy, birth and raising kids. Understanding the power of the internet, in 2017, I decided to enter the tech world. As a result of my love  for travel, and seeing the problems in the tourism market in the Middle East, I have confounded an online social marketplace for adventure travel in the Middle East. When the pandemic hit, the tourism was affected badly, so did my startup. Today, beside my current job , I run three businesses and I am a day trader in stock and forex markets.  

Throughout my life, I've helped many of my friends with their business; whether its in overcoming the fear of starting, putting a plan together, crunching the numbers, dealing with staff, or negotiating deals and funding. I've been told that I inspire people to achieve their goals! I've also been told that I share honest and truthful experiences. Yes, I can be pushy (in a positive way, I promise), and yes, I like to keep it real, so if there is anyway I can help, I do! It gives me a big sense of joy and achievement to be able to make a positive change in my friends lives and see them unlock their potentials. They do the same for me.

I am not a qualified business coach, but my 17 years in corporate and business world have provided me with tremendous tools and learning. My success, but mostly my failures have taught me so much that I believe I can share with you and help you in your journey.

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